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Socio-emotional skills: A basis for the implementation of democratic practices


The school, the classroom and the school itself are miniature societies in which children discover and learn about democratic institutions and develop social, civic and emotional skills needed to live together: cooperating, listening to each other, debating, resolving conflicts, and accepting differences and beliefs.

Since the early 2000s, the links between these social, civic and emotional skills and happiness or well-being at schools around the world have been the subject of numerous studies.

In this section, you find hands-on materials. These open educational resources (OER) are some suggestions of short rituals or activities that are easy to incorporate into daily classroom life to explicitly teach the socio-emotional competencies in daily school life. Each activity is linked to a theme whose links with happiness and well-being are scientifically validated, themes that allow us to evoke certain key values of a democratic society.

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