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School Assembly: Creating a sense of belonging


In this section, you can find some hands-on teacher guides and lesson plans as well as some ideas on how to put the “Choice of the Heart Child” into practice.

What is the Heart Child?

Choosing the Heart Child is an important element of a project developed at Praxisvolksschule called “Heart over foot” which aims to develop, promote and strengthen the social competences of the participating students. The project title, which has been developed in collaboration with students, symbolises both the emotional world (i.e. the heart) and the importance of body language (i.e. the foot). 

Children who show special social aptitudes throughout the month get the opportunity to be chosen as the „Herzkind“ (heart child) during the assembly. Heart children are particularly helpful, appreciative, friendly, and empathetic. They recognize when someone needs comfort, are good listeners, and honest. They are committed to good cohesion in the class community. Often these children are also characterized by a high democratic understanding, for example, by often taking a mediating position in conflicts.

The project logo (created by Praxisvolksschule Wien). The heart is a symbol for the emotional world.