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School Parliament: Towards students‘ active participation

What & why?

What is a school parliament?

A school parliament gives an opportunity for students to participate directly in school life. It enables them to experience governance and decision making. It is an important part of democratic culture of the school. The school parliament is formed by a group of democratically elected students who represent the views of all students at the school. 

What is important for a functioning parliament?

  • School parliament is an important part of the democratic culture of the school
  • It is supported by the school management and teachers
  • There is a coordinator (teacher) who can cooperate directly with the students, support them and who is able to create conditions for active participation of the students
  • There is a regular time for meeting of the school parliament
  • The parliament members are given opportunity to meet the school management and teachers regularly and discuss the issues together

What can it bring to students?

  • Direct experience with democratic principles (elections, parliament body, decision making process…)
  • Development of the key competences and skills – communication, cooperation, active participation, entrepreneurship
  • Practical experience – realisation of concrete activities and projects
An interview with Monika Votava Mandelíčkova, the school parliament coordinator