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School Assembly: Creating a sense of belonging

Every first Wednesday of the month an assembly takes place at Praxisvolksschule. The assembly is for the entire school community, all students and all teachers of Praxisvolksschule gather in the gym. Teacher trainees of primary education join the assembly too, as part of their practical studies. Students can give their opinion on an agenda item and are actively involved in school processes. Current topics are discussed and worked on together, and there is also the opportunity to show all some presentations from the classes. The students are actively involved and share responsibility for jointly shaping the quality of life in the school.

The assembly serves the exchange of information, creates a strong sense of belonging, strengthens competencies in the social-emotional area and conveys basic democratic values such as tolerance, understanding, cooperation and willingness to compromise. ‘Learning democracy‘ means making democratic structures tangible, enabling participation and building up and practicing democratic skills. The assembly is one step making the school a democratic place to learn and live. In this way, „My class and I“ should become „Our school and WE“.


What & Why?

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