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Praxisvolksschule Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Primary School for Pre-service Classroom Teaching

At the University College of Teacher Education Vienna one Primary School for Pre-service Classroom Teaching (Praxisvolksschule) and one Lower Secondary School for Pre-service Classroom Teaching (Praxismitelschule) make the linking of theory and practice possible. Highly qualified pedagogues create an optimal learning environment for children and young people, introduce teacher trainees to the field of work and profession, develop models of school and education based on findings from pedagogical research, and evaluate and investigate them with regard to their practical suitability together with lecturers at University College of Teacher Education.

“Living at school together” – this is the central guiding principle of the Praxisschulen and applies to all those involved in school life. This refers to participation by means of talking together, being actively involved in school development, and taking part in decision-making. Cooperation and being there for each other are fundamental aspects of the school community whereby the strengthening of the individual is focused on as well. In order to ensure that appreciation, responsibility, acceptance and inclusion is brought to life and that the Praxisschulen are a place of democratic learning, the necessary basic democratic competences such as moral awareness, judgement and opinion-forming are gradually initiated and trained with the pupils.

Praxisvolksschule Vienna is a school for 6- to 10-year-old students. Around 200 pupils are taught by 24 teachers. The students are divided into 9 classes, two are multi-age and -level classes. The pedagogical work with the students, who speak 19 different languages, focuses on the following aspects: Independent Learning, Social Skills Training, Progressive Teaching Strategies, Research-Based Learning, STEM Disciplines, Alternative Assessment, Digital Literacy Training, Action-Oriented Teaching, Gender Conscious Pedagogy, Individualization and Differentiation, Active Learning and work at the juncture of elementary and secondary school.

An important mission of the school as a place of learning, research and reflection is to accompany teacher trainees in the context of practical studies and to support them in the development of their personality.