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Democratic Education Shaping Teacher Education: Formative assessment

In this section, you can find a lesson to conduct with teacher trainees.

Four concepts will be discussed in this lesson: educational ecosystems, democracy in education, changing the educational paradigm, well-being at school.

  • The target group: teacher trainees
  • The length of the lesson: 3 x 45 mins

Teachers’ Guide

Lesson structure

1. Introduction to four concepts that will be discussed in the lesson:

  • A. learner motivation and assessment (two related concepts)
  • B. descriptive and specific feedback
  • C. experiential learning/learning by doing
  • D. key competencies and developmental continuum

Students read articles so that four even groups can be created for follow-up discussions.

Task: Read the article and make notes connected to the questions and the keywords. How does what you read relate to your experience as a student/teacher?