School Parliament: Towards students‘ active participation


In this section you find hands-on materials to go with two projects:

(1) Project week (grade 8): Establishing school parliament in Labyrinth 

A special project week in grade 8. Its main aim was to give the students the opportunity to find the best tool to participate in making decisions and changes at school in an effective and systematic way. It was intended to increase students´participation in school life, to empower all the classes at school, and to hand over more responsibility. This goes hand in hand with the Labyrinth vision – the development of social and civic competence in order to help the students to become active citizens in the future.

(2) Project work (grade 7): Freedom – overcoming walls, the real ones and the symbolic ones

The project was focused on active participation of students, and it presented a parallel between Covid-19 epidemic and some historical events. Both can be understood as walls/obstacles that people must face and overcome.

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